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3 Way to Overcome the Fear of Losing Everything

Thinking about the future can easily freak anyone out. even so, the nightmare can intensify when all you’re thing about is all you’ve worked for.

The truth of the matter is that everybody is always afraid of getting back to square one.

Yes, we understand your dedication to succeed in whatever you endeavor to do – be it a career, family, job, relationship or business.

Regardless, success is never guaranteed. And sometimes you are predisposed to lose so that you can learn and find success through it all.

What it means by to “fear losing everything”

What would you do when your marriage is falling apart or when you are unexpectedly laid off?

What of your once successful business going down, and every effort you are putting to revive it is bearing no fruit?

What if you had to leave your beautiful home for reasons beyond your control?

What about your kids who are suddenly turning out against you and you can’t help but watch them become estranged?

Would any of the scenarios kill you? Yes and No. Yes, because you have been trained for success and not failure. No, since you can program yourself to except all the adversities of life including the worst just like you would welcome the best

True to the fact, our society has trained us to chase after the sky. And for this reason, only a few if any, would accept the challenge of losing. Although we come across various stories of successful people losing it all (their money, health, homes, business, name them) and building their empires from scratch again, of course, none of us would like to go through the same process.

But How Can You Overpower the Fear of Losing?

What you should know is that how you react to the fear of losing could be the foundation of you losing everything. For this reason, you owe it to yourself to strategically work towards leading a healthier and fulfilled life, one that predisposes you to give your best and not expect the best, but the worst.

But why do so? Let me explain it to you! 

True living lies in experiencing the beauty and sorrows of life. Moreover, we could not realize our potentials if we walked on straight paths; where everything turned out the way we wanted. In other words, while it may be risky, it is worthwhile.

Choosing to explore new territories and making ourselves vulnerable to social disorder, being open to new ideas and people, readiness to take risks and the ability to fall and rise again is what separates us. The opportunity to experience raw disturbing moments (also pain) nurtures our inner strength and enables us to form deeper connections in unimaginable ways.

Here are three strategies you can follow to Overpower the Fear of Losing

  1. Learn to give away! Yes, Serve Them

 I can feel you. “What! You’re suggesting that I sweat and toil for them?’’

Well, my answer is as simple as “Yes, do it.” But remember not to overdo it.

By giving away, it’s never advisable to give everything. Give in the best way you can, but make sure it’s the best way you can. Don’t overdo this principle by giving everything you have only to live an unfulfilling life. In other words, you don’t have to give up your life; for if you gave it all away, there would be nothing to give anymore.

Here’s what you can serve them; Let go of the excesses in your life!

In short, your fear of losing is probably triggered by the valuables you already own, those that you’re holding too tight. Look into these things, and you will discover that you are doing yourself an injustice by not clearing the clutter.

As soon as you begin to declutter your life, you’ll open up more doors for amazing things; these don’t necessarily have to be in material form, they could come in the form of peace of mind or attracting influential people in your life.

Giving away these things imply that you are more interested in sharing, which means loves; and the more you love, the more love will come back to you.

Picture it this way!

You are standing in a circle, you have a magnet in your hand, and the more you hold it, the more you’ll have the same experience and the more you will be exhausted of holding it in place.

But, when you decide to give this magnet to the person standing next to you, and he/she gives it to the person next to him/her and the circle continues, you’ll realize that sooner or later you’ll get back your magnet, just the way you gave it or even in a better state, but with a new experience.

2Be You!

What does it mean by being you?

This implies not needing approval from anyone. Toiling to live up to the standards of those around you can make you die a slow death — where you’re never fulfilled since you have submitted to the desires of others.

With that spirit, you’ll always be vulnerable to, “I love it but I’m afraid of what he/she/they have to say.” In short, you’ll always fight to fit in their world so that you can avoid losing them or losing what they have to offer you.

Note: you are at your best when attending to your call

The world is best served when you feel your strength and live to your full potential. By being manipulated around, you can never give the best to the world for you’ll always pursue what makes them think you are good enough.

3Realize That Someone is Watching!

Oh yeah, you are not alone, a lot of people are struggling too. It doesn’t have to be financially; it can be emotionally or mentally. So seek to connect with people who will broaden your understanding of what life is.

I can hear, “I’m an adult; I need nobody to teach me about this and that! I’ve already made it or am on my way!”

Yes, I can’t dispute the fact that you are already “there.” But I want to bring to your attention that you are never too old to learn. Furthermore, we live in a very dynamic world, a world where new concepts and ideas are conceived daily. That means that whatever you know, whatever you have, can only remain alive when you expose it to the world and let the world help you sustain it.

You owe it up to yourself to commit to finding a circle that will support and encourages you through your fear of losing and the journey called life, for nothing is guaranteed. Besides believing in yourself, acknowledge that you’re only human, vulnerable , and a relational being whop desires connection.

One thing you should know is that a problem shared is a problem solved, and your fear of losing everything can best be addressed when you feed your mind the right material as well as committing to the right environment.

Wrapping Up

Most of us are just worried about the threat of losing. We haven’t lost yet, it’s just that the fear has threatened us.

The fear of what has happened or what could happen is wearing us down. But if you allow that fear to dwell in your mind, it will succeed – and it will rob you off your peace, your joy and your life.

The good news is that you can overcome the fear of losing by following through the strategies recommended above. The more you do one, or all of the three, you’ll realize that you are one step close to achieving a peaceful state of mind. And the less you fear, the more you’ll be fulfilled.

Serve! Be you! Submit to positive thoughts!

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