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Covid-19 Pandemic;5 Cost-Effective Habits that will Help You Save Money During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Saving money seems daring, especially during the Covide-19 pandemic.

We can all admit that Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the global economy. But wait! The repercussions are hitting each and every one of us wherever we are. And perhaps, the only life saver during these harsh times is sticking on a particular budget.

Regardless of the situation, we have new bills piling up day after another. And we might be torn between exclusively quitting certain habits and engaging in them sparingly. However, whatever you do determine how far you go as far as spending and saving is concerned. For the majority of us, the least we can do is spend what we have in a rather meaningful way, at least before everything gets back to normal.

So what’s the most appropriate way to save money at home?

Well, there is a myriad of ways to save money at home. While some strategies demand self-discipline and persistence, some may flow smoothly. Here are a few saving tips you can implement.

1. Shop during the right time of the year

While we love to keep up with the latest trend, there’s no harm in waiting for the right  time  to get what we want. For instance, if you’d planned to revamp your closet at the beginning of the year, it’s worth waiting until everything has calmed down, end of the year at least. Purchasing attires will be amazing post covid-19. You will most probably get huge deals from brands clearing their stock, thereby saving the extras you’d have, otherwise, spent before then. 

Note: this strategy can also work for people who had planned to pimp up their homes, office setup, including interior decor.

2. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Using a programmable thermostat will not only save you an endless effort of turning the gadget down when not needed but also energy. The thermostat will automatically turn the air conditioning or furnace down when not in use. It’ll prevent extreme fluctuations, which will stabilize your home temperature. All you have to do is set it according to your needs. You’ll save a lot by only running appliances when needed.

3. Unplug electrical appliances

Perhaps, one thing that may be slipping off your head pertains to lights and electronic gadgets. Most often than not, we might forget to switch off the light when leaving a room or leave electronic devices plugged into the power outlet.

Leaving electronic gadgets plugged into the power outlet may culminate to more energy consumed in your home. Appliances such as phone chargers, TVs, computers or DVD players are frequently used and can be used until late in the night. And in these moments, we may be extremely fatigued to remember to unplug them. However, the good news is that you can make it a habit to turn off power outlets to be on the safer side as far as saving is concerned.

3. Revive old furniture

Well, you might be tempted to throw away that old couch or even dresser. But why not think of turning it into something lively? Instead of budgeting for new furniture that’d probably cost you more, it’s recommendable to give the old one a second chance, at least. All you have to do is pay a small fee to give it a new look.

5. Use your washing machine efficiently

Washing machine is an essential appliance in our homes.  However, how can we make good use of it to save on extra costs? One sure way is to change your laundry habits. Using the ‘ fast’,  ‘15 minutes’ or ‘express’  program is quite ideal when doing laundry that’s fairly clean. The program will save you a significant amount of electricity consumed regularly.

What’s important?

Financial freedom is what most, if not all, of us desire. But the problem is identifying, implementing and sticking to healthy financial habits. While it may be a daunting task, saving on your home is the most important thing you can ever do. You can save on your home by shopping at the right time, unplugging electrical appliances, using a programmable thermostat, repurposing old furniture as well as using your washer efficiently. In all you do, remember that a healthy financial future can only be born when you start saving

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