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Top 3 Sophisticated Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Quicker at Home

Are there moments when you feel like your belly is getting out of the way? Be it when you attempt to fit in your favorite pants, dress or even top. Or perhaps do you crave to feel sexy and all toned?

We understand your situation.

Not being able to be in your desirable shape goes beyond wearing you down. It will also make you feel like you are not good enough to engage in certain activities, flex around in that sexy bikini on a summer afternoon, or pose in specific ways when taking photos.

Regardless of the situation, you can always start somewhere, right?

We believe that a journey of a thousand miles begins by taking a baby step. You never have to worry about what you might encounter along the way or even what people might say. All you need to do is begin and watch even better ideas unfold along the way.

Considering your concern, there are several things you can do to shed extra fat around your waist and belly. They don’t necessarily have to be costly or difficult; moreover, it the smallest of steps that often count.

But how do you go about the situation? 

Here are three exercises you can engage in to quickly lose belly fat at home.

Leg Lift Exercise

Leg lift exercises are one of the simplest and surest ways of burning fat around your belly. This exercise will get your core on the move.  Besides, it will help you save on the additional costs that you might have otherwise spent paying for a gym. All you need to do is be sure that you are making the right moves with every moment you spend doing this exercise.

Performing the exercises will require you to:

  1. Find a comfortable place you can lie down to avoid placing excess pressure on your back.
  2. Lie faceup with legs stretched and arms overhead as well. Remember to press your lower back on the floor; watch Tinah demonstrate it here.
  3. With your back pressed on the floor firmly, inhale, then exhales as you lift your legs, then lowering them – you should feel your back lifting off the floor when lowering your legs.

Repeat this process for as long as you can manage. But remember not to go beyond your limit. So listen to pressure points, or stop when your body says (you’ll always know when you’ve done enough of those rounds).

Also, remember to watch out for your inner thighs. This area should be engaged to get effective results.

Another thing to keep in mind while doing the exercises is how you are arching your lower back. Arching your back off the floor tends to put pressure on the hip flexors as well as back extensor muscles. So ensure that your back is correctly arched on the floor.

Incorporate this move in your daily routine for effective results.

2. Hip Lift Exercise

The hip lift exercise is also a good exercise that targets the abdominal area. It is an ideal way of strengthening your lower abdominal muscles, including the deep abs. Besides, the exercise places less pressure on the back compared to crunches. You can do two sets of five to fifteen repetitions.

Why do hip lift exercise?

  • With hip lift exercise, you’ll engage the rectus abdominis muscles, the six-pack muscles that join your hips to the ribs.
  • You’ll also engage the obliques – these are the muscles that run along your torso.
  • The deep abdominal muscles will also be a target area, and with time, you should be able to tighten your core, improve your posture, and stabilize your movements.
  • The slow-motion in which you engage in the exercises will help build your ab muscles.  

So how do you engage in this fantastic exercise?

It simple!

  1. All you need to do is to identify a soft surface – it could be a mat or any other preferable surface.
  2. What follows should be resting your head and back comfortably on the surface.
  3. Then place your hands by your sides, let the palms face down.
  4. Raise your legs slowly so that they point towards the ceiling; make sure your knees are aligned over your hips.
  5. Bending the knees is also recommended where appropriate; however, you are most likely to engage the hamstrings with stretched legs.
  6. Your legs and torsos should now be in the starting position, lower your legs, and repeat the process until you’ve reached your maximum level.

While doing the exercise, remember to:

  • Exhale as you lift your hips off the floor; push your legs towards the sky.
  • Pull in the lower abdominal muscles when lifting your hips.
  • Keep your head firm, resting on the floor.
  • Inhale as your lower your hips to the floor, as your legs return to the starting position

You should, however, not limit yourself to how far you can go with hip lift exercises. You can intensify the exercise by bending your legs by the knees while lifting your hips. Draw your knees towards your chest as far as possible. This variation will get your hips and lower rise off floor, respectively. However, ensure that your back is resting on the floor/mat as you draw your knees.

  • Return to the original position and repeat the process.

Up for the challenge?

If yes, combine this variation with leg raises. Rest assured that your abs will be engaged enough to burn that stubborn fat.

Bicycle Exercise

What comes to your mind when you hear the word bicycle exercise? I bet it has something to do with riding a bicycle, right? Unfortunately, so is not the case with bicycle exercises.

Yes, while the name suggests a bicycle. That is not the case. For reducing belly fat, worry less. All you need is a comfortable surface to lie on and perhaps with a soft mat to rest your back.

However, if you have a bicycle at your disposal, don’t hesitate to spend at least 30 minutes a day cycling.

Follow these steps while doing the bicycle exercise?

  1. As mentioned above, find a mat where you can lie on with your hands on both sides and legs extended.
  2. Lift your legs off the floor then bend them by the knees
  3. Now slightly stretch them out, bending them again, in a similar way you’ll do when riding a bicycle.
  4. To begin, bring your left knee to your chest while stretching the right leg.
  5.  Then bring your right knee close to your chest as you extend your left leg.
  6. Repeat this process for 10 to 20 times for each set.

While doing this exercise, avoid:

  • Raising your back off the floor
  • Pulling on the area around your neck.

Remember: This exercise is good for toning your lower abdomen as well as overall weight loss. So you might as well as consider including it in your regular weight loss routine.

Wrapping Up

That being said, keep in mind that consistency is a vital requirement to get quicker, effective results. For that reason, make it a priority engaging in the three exercises thrice or five times a week to shed off the fat around your waistline.

When combined with crunches and other cardio routines for getting rid of belly fat, hip lift, leg lift, and bicycle exercise will help you get the perfect abs.

Check out this video to get a clear idea of how these exercises are done.

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