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5 Proven Reasons You Should Start Doing Yoga: Benefits of Yoga

Have you tapped or at least attempted to connect to your body? Or perhaps, are you still uncertain about the best way to connect with yourself?

Is your answer to these questions a yes, or no?

Whichever the case, Yoga is among the most ideal and efficient ways you can get to connect with your body and mind. But first thing first; would it be better if we understand what Yoga actually is?

Yoga is a set of poses and stretches that aim at uniting the body and the mind. These postures are gentle and require incorporating different breathing techniques.

As mentioned above, Yoga is a gentle exercise, which means that almost anyone can do it, regardless of fitness level or age.

That said, there are myriads of yoga exercises that can help you balance your body, mind, and spirit. While some styles are intense, others are relaxing and meditative. However, what matters is not how many of these postures you can do, but how correct you can do them. No matter the position you choose, rest assured that you are a step ahead to focusing your mind, strengthening your body, and relaxing your spirit.

So why should you engage in yoga postures?

Yoga will not only make you more flexible, but even stronger with time. This is an excellent way of staying energetic while maintaining focus. That way, you will most likely feel good about yourself as well as observe your day-to-day life improve.

Here are five reasons why you should consider including Yoga in your fitness routine.

1. Yoga can improve your muscles

How many times have you wondered about the easiest stretches you can incorporate in your fitness routine to tone down your muscles? Well, Yoga should be in your “must-do” bucket list.

With each yoga stretch, specific muscles get engaged. Let’s take, for instance, shoulder stand, a good posture to improve the state of your upper body.

Working out the muscles around this area tends not only to tone the shoulders, but also make your back and core more flexible. Besides flexibility, you are also most likely to be less vulnerable to related injuries.  Shoulder stand is among the many postures you can assume to tone out different areas of your body. watch Tinah demonstrate this posture here.

2. Yoga will help you gain stamina and strength

How far can you go while engaging in a vigorous activity? 10 minutes? 30 minutes? An hour?

 No need to answer!

Here’s the fact, we all know how frustrating it can be not to be able to maintain a given energy while doing something. While it might seem to be easy at first, but with time, we tend to not only feel exhausted but also lose focus.

But how do you ensure that you can maintain the same energy or concentration throughout the entire activity?

It’s simple, start by engaging in simple yoga postures, meditation as you advance. With time, you will realize that you have built your stamina and strength as well.

Some of the easiest poses you can incorporate in your new jorney are salutation to the sun, cobra pose, and the big bend. These exercises should help you connect with your body, communicate with it, which is just an ideal way of building up your strength as you advance to higher levels.

3. Enhance stability and balance

As mentioned above, there is no good feeling like knowing you can engage in just any exercise without losing your balance. But again, what’s the most ideal way of building up your stability and balance than doing Yoga?

Of course, balancing poses, or even transitioning from one posture to another will require a given amount of stability. These movements might require you to engage your core muscles, and the more you engage these muscles, the closer you will get at improving your overall stability.

That said, do you think stability and balance are your primary concern? Think about Yoga, and thank me later.

4. Improve your concentration

What more do you need other than keeping a focused state of mind? How much more would you do by knowing that you have your attention in one place?

Without a doubt, life at its essence involves lots disruptions – from our immediate environment to memories we wish we would wash away. But amidst all these, we must be accountable for every minute we are awake. So how do you ensure that you maximize the little time you have to submerge yourself in a specific task fully?

It simple, consider taking up the yoga challenge. Core to Yoga is the rhythmic, focused breathing. Use these moments to tap into your mind and improve your concentration level gradually.

5. Develop body awareness. 

Other than improving your stability and concentration, another advantage of doing Yoga is the awareness it comes with. Doing Yoga requires contracting and relaxing muscles; these shifts can help you tap into your body, identify areas of weaknesses and strength, and figure out the best ways to manipulate them to suit your needs.

On top of the five benefits, Yoga will also help you improve:

  • Limited mobility
  • Regular headaches
  • Lower back pain
  • Stress and Depression
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Muscle tension

Up for the task?

Keep in mind the benefits associated with doing Yoga.

The gentle movements are ideal for beginners as they help activate the body. Besides, they can be changed as best fits and individual. For any posture you choose, remember that Yoga is an excellent way of improving your concentration, becoming more flexible, balanced, strong, and aware of your body.

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