11 Foods that Improve Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety again! While we all strive to lead healthy and fulfilling lives, we can admit to one thin – stress is part of the process. Regardless of how determined or positive you are, there are those moments that you can’t help but be low. Moreover, a 2018 research on mental health

How to Reduce Period Pain;5 Effective Poses for Soothing Severe Menstrual Cramps at Home

Oops! That time of the month is here again. But wait! There is something more to it than a mere start of a new cycle - period pain! Yes, you are perhaps wondering why you have to live through this time of the month. Or probably, you are unsure of how

5 Proven Home Remedies for Firm, Perky Breasts

Are you thinking about natural remedies for sagging breasts?  But first thing, first! How do you know that your breasts are getting out of shape? Even more, does a mere thought of your boobies push down your energy levels to negative ? When it comes to breast and self-esteem, a lot matters.

Kick off Situational Anxiety; 3 Proven Ways to Regain Your Mental Vigor

What comes to your mind when you hear situational anxiety? well, this question may be a puzzle to most of us since most often than not, we get exposed to experiences that challenge our courage. Therefore, it is vital to clarify the confusion by understanding what situational anxiety actually is. Situational

9 Surreal Signs You Have Anxiety Disorder

We all get anxious about different things. Nevertheless, research by American Psychology Association has proven that anxiety is a healthy emotion. While anxiety is often short-lived, there are some moments that the feeling won’t go away. In the latter case, the feeling might as well as be a medical disorder. Anxiety

3 Way to Overcome the Fear of Losing Everything

Thinking about the future can easily freak anyone out. even so, the nightmare can intensify when all you're thing about is all you've worked for. The truth of the matter is that everybody is always afraid of getting back to square one. Yes, we understand your dedication to succeed in whatever you