Hello, Rombe Akoth here. A certified digital marketer and content creator.

Also a self- taught web writer, Rombe loves it simple and clear.

She has been an employee and a freelancer.

In 2015, she felt the call to make her world move through words. Best thing she ever experienced!

Rombe has met amazing content creators who have made her a much better writer.

Through her path, she  ha shad the opportunity to write for lots of brands, business and publications, including CVS Health.

What a ride! She wonders.

Bu not just work, other things happen in Rombe’s life as well.

Well, she likes giving back to the community.

Her love for health and fitness compels her to share what helps her keep her health and well-being in check.

Most important of all, Rombe is always eager to learn.

Discovery is the art of life; she believes. Without new happenings, her world seem gloomy.

This isn’t all. Learn more about Rombe, her freelance writing services,and her satisfied clients.

Sure, but don’t just take her word for it; let her work speak.

Click the thumbnails under lifestyle to view samples of her past work.

Think this is the time to discuss your content marketing needs? contact her by email at rombewriter@beyondbeingordinary.com

Let’s get the work done! Get a step closer towards those goals!